Floating Fountains

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  • Heavy duty, oil-free stainless steel motor
  • U.L. product and component listings ensure maximum safety
  • OASE’s total Quality Control testing
  • Oxygen transfers from 0.95 to 7.90 pounds per hour
  • Operates in water depths of 3 to 4 feet
  • Heavy duty, oil-free stainless steel motor for zero pollution risk
  • Underwater cable quick disconnect on some models
  • Includes UL Listed command center with GFCI interrupter
  • Automatic 24 hour time clock control for pump operation
  • Solid state circuit switching contactors
  • Stainless steel command center cabinet protected by a gasket sealed  weatherproof box
  • Custom cable lengths available: up to 600 feet
  • Top performance at a competitive price, eliminates costly pond upkeep

  • Water-cooled motor means zero pollution risk

  • No annual maintenance requirements! Just set it and forget it!

  • Quality Control engineered for rugged, long lasting value