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  • Battery pack (BAT10) and adapter (VA12)
  • Simple programming - 3 watertight buttons
  • LED lights confirm program input and verify operation
  • Low-profile design, 1.5 inches high, fits in
    all valve boxes
  • Modular design allows for easy field programming by simply removing module from valve box
  • Low power consumption, 1 to 2 years on a single battery change
  • Automatic and manual irrigation cycle capabilities
  • Run time programmed in real time for
    maximum flexibility
  • Delay start feature allows unit to be programmed for night-time irrigation
  • Default program allows for quick setup, just
    plug in the battery and walk away
  • Fits all Irritrol valves with internal manual
    bleed adapter, Toro P220/210/220 and
    EZ Flo, Hit,Galcon, Griswold and Bermad
  • Requires a (VA15) adapter for RainBird DV
    series valves
  • Requires a (VA20) adapter for Nelson valves
Operating Specifications
  • 4 irrigation cycle operations;
      twice per day,
      once per day,
      once per two days, and
      once per 7 days
  • Run time; 6 seconds to 24 hours
  • Delay start; 0, 4, 8 or 12 hours
  • Default program; 15 minutes of irrigation
    per day

Electrical Specifications

6 VDC custom battery (included)


  • Height:   1 1/2"

  • Width:     2 1/2"

  • Length:   3"


  • 5 ounces