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  • Reliable, flexible and easy easy to program
  • Remote control programmer with 8 programs
  • 8 programs can be sent to 8 different
  • Transmit address allows user to transmit an
    address to any IBOC 300
  • Transmit program allows the user to transmit a   program to any IBOC 300
  • The RCP8 transmitter allows the user to
    receive the following information from each
    IBOC 300-
    Battery charge remaining,
    The address of the questioned controller,
    The program, start times, date and time, run times and watering interval  
Operating Specifications
  • 7 day calendar, 1 to 7 day interval, or odd/even day watering
  • Run time; 1 minute to 24 hours
  • Three start times per program
  • Program delay; 1 to 7 days, great for rainy  days or to suspend valve operation

Operating Temperature

    35 to 140 degrees F