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EC Series


  • Preset Schedules for quick and simple set-up of common watering schedules
  • Programmable under battery power for programming prior to installation or AC hook-up
  • Easy to follow installation, programming and operation
  • English and Spanish manual
  • Test Program (1-10 min. all stations) for system operational testing
  • Battery backup for memory and time protection, in case of power outage (battery included)
  • Default program in case a power outage outlasts the memory protection (The default program automatically clears itself when the controller is reprogrammed.)
  • Flashing LCD (in AUTO setting) to indicate operation under default program
  • Electrical surge protection (input) for reliability
  • Diagnostic circuit breaker without a fuse identifies a station with valve or wire fault and continues to water operable station
  • Toll-free Technical Service
  • Three programs (A, B, and C), with independent cycles, allow mixed irrigation applications
  • 365-day calendar for ODD or EVEN day watering or ODD-with-31st-of-the-month-off selection per program (adjusts for leap-year)
  • Repeating day cycles, allow irrigation every 1, 2, 3, 4-days, etc. up through 7. (In the 7-day weekly cycle any day can be set ON or OFF as a watering day.)
  • Global Water Budget for seasonal adjustments
  • Manual "clear" function allows manual erasure of all programs
  • Auto-sensing a.m./p.m. or 24-hour-format time display mode
  • Safety listings: UL, CUL, CSA, CE, FCC, C-Tick

Operating Specifications

  • Programming schedule options: ODD day/date watering (per program), EVEN day/date watering (per program), 1 through 6-day repeating cycle (per program), 7-day weekly cycle with any day ON or OFF setting, and ODD less 31st day of the month watering.
  • Station Timing: 0 to 240 minutes in 1-minute increments
  • Automatic starts per water day: 12 start times (4 per program per day)
  • Water Budgeting: 10%-200% in 10% increments

Electrical Specifications

  • Input required: 117 VAC ▒ 10%, 60 Hz
  • Output 24 VAC @ 0.65A
  • Valve capacity: One 24 VAC solenoid valve per station plus a master valve



  • Width: 6 1/2" (16,5 cm)

    Height: 5 5/8" (14,2 cm)

    Depth: 1 5/8" (4,0 cm)