Floating Fountains

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  • Operates in as little as 5' of water
  • Eight easily interchangeable water patterns available
  • Heavy duty foam filled moulded polyethylene float
  • Franklin, heavy duty stainless water cooled motor
  • Oil-free motor design for virtually no maintenance
  • Includes UL Listed command center with GFCI interrupter
  • Automatic 24 hour time clock control for pump operation
  • Automatic 24 hour combination time clock and photo control for lighting operation
  • Solid state circuit switching contactors
  • Stainless steel command center cabinet protected by a gasket sealed  weatherproof box
  • Circulation sleeve around motor, provides effective aeration and motor longevity
  • Large 400 sq. inch stainless steel intake screen provides for superior filtration of water entering the pump unit
  • Custom cable lengths available: up to 450 feet
  • Optional 3, 6 or 9 light illumination packages for clearly spectacular night-time effects.
  • Top performance at a competitive price

  • Completely assembled ready for installation

  • Virtually maintenance-free operation

  • Water cooled motor eliminates possible oil contamination of water

  • The unique design de-stratifies the unwanted layers of water that promote algae growth


Lights- 200w - 300w - 500w

Nozzles- Select here