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ICC Series

  • Available in 8 to 32 stations with plastic
  • Available in 8 to 48 stations with metal
  • 4 fully-independent programs, each with separate day cycles and 8 start times,
    offering total flexibility for complex
  • Programmable pump circuit by station, use
    pump only when needed; accommodate dual water sources
  • Cycle and Soak capability by station, allows
    run times to be divided into repeat cycles to minimize run-off
  • Non-volatile 100 year memory, program data
    is retained during power outages, without
    need for battery
  • Seasonal adjust:10-150% in 10% increments
  • Self-diagnostic circuit breaker, skips shorted stations and continues watering 
  • Rain sensor override compatible with most brands utilizing a normally closed micro
  • 365 day calendar
  • Remote control ready, supplied with
    connection for SRR remote control and
    SRP PC programmer
  • UL Listed
  • Optional pedestal wiring board/terminal strip
Operating Specifications
  • Start times: 8 per day, per program,
  • Station run time: programs A, B, and C , 2 hours; program D, 12 hours (can run simultaneously for drip)
  • Day schedule: days of the week, true odd/even days, skip days up to 31 days)
  • Programmable delay between stations up to
    10 hours
  • Programmable rain delay up to 7 days

Electrical Specifications

  • Transformer input: 110VAC, 60 Hz
  • Transformer output: 24VAC, 0.625A
  • Station output: 24VAC, 0.28A per station
    (max. 1 valve)
  • Maximum total output: 24VAC, 0.56A
    includes master valve circuit

Dimensions-Plastic Cabinet

  • Height:   11"
  • Width:     12"
  • Depth:     3 3/4"

Dimensions-Metal Cabinet

  • Height:   15 3/4"
  • Width:     11 3/8"
  • Depth:     4"