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PVC  Tank - For Use Under Constant Pressure

Features and Benefits
  • Durable Construction- UV Protected- No maintenance required.
  • Saves Time- Refill every 4 to 8 weeks
  • E-Z Adjustment- Feed rates from 15000:1 (15000 gallons of water to distribute 1 gallon of fertilizer) to 400:1. Fertilize in minutes on the fast setting or for months on the slow setting (every time you water)
  • High Capacity- No fertilizer dilution required-the unit does the mixing automatically. Just mix and pour the concentrate in the tank.
  • Broad Flow Range- From 5 PSI, 2.5 gallons per hour minimum, no maximum flow rate, maximum tank pressure is 80 PSI.
  • Accurate Feeding- Adjusts automatically to changes in flow and pressure. Feeds at consistent rates until empty.
  • Uses Any Dry Water Soluble, Liquid or Organic Fertilizer.
  • No Reduction- In water flow or pressure.
  • Better Results- Deep root feeding in bite size amounts, every time you water, creates better nutrient absorption.
  • Helps Keep Drip Emitters Clean- By dissolving calcium deposits.
  • E-Z Installation- Color-coded connectors for easy installation and refilling. Installs in minutes.
  • E-Z to Use- Clear tubing on cap shows how much fertilizer is being distributed. Set your feed ratio and the rest is automatic.
  • Large Tank Opening- For easy refill.
  • Saves Money- Better nutrient absorption means less fertilizer is needed to achieve the best results.
  • Applies all Landscape Products- Use to apply all organic or chemical plant and lawn care products in one easy step.
  • Pressure Relief Safety Valve- For safe operation and durability.
  • Valve Box- Not included, keeps the unit out of reach of children or pets.
  • Backflow Protection Required- A backflow preventer should be installed before the unit, to safeguard against contamination of drinking water. The backflow preventer will ensure no water is returned to the house.
  • All Units Include- Fittings and tubing required for 3/4" and 1" drill & thread connection.
  • Connections- Are available on request for PVC pipe.

 L          W        H
EZ001 13"  X    8"   X  11" 12,000 SQ. FT. 1 1/2 GAL LIQUID or 10LBS. DRY
EZ003 21"  X    8"   X  11" 1/2 Acre 3 GAL LIQUID or 15 LBS. DRY
EZ005 22"  X  10"   X  13" 1 Acre 5 GAL LIQUID or 25 LBS. DRY
EZ010 26"  X  12"   X  14" 2 Acres 10 GAL LIQUID or 50 LBS. DRY