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Custom Command

  • Flexible, easy programming
  • 4 independent programs offer concurrent operation capability
  • 7-day calendar, odd/even day or day interval options of 1-30 days
  • Excluded day option, when used with the odd/even day option, allows selection of specific day(s) not to water
  • 365-day clock/calendar with excluded day option
  • Station run times of 1 minute to 10 hours in 1-minute increments
  • 16 total start times
  • Start time stacking within each program
  • Season Adjust setting from 10-200% in 10% increments
  • Rain delay setting from 1 to 7 days with auto resume prevents water waste
  • Programmable Master Valve on/off per program
  • Automatic, semi-automatic, manual and timed-manual operation
  • Snap-out design allows easy removal of control module without disturbing valve wiring
  • Roomy controller interior for ease of installation and service
  • User-friendly, 10-position programming dial and large, easy-to-read LCD
  • Lightning SurgePro™ System on 24 V a.c. and station outputs
  • Self-diagnostic circuit breaker identifies and overrides an electrical malfunction of a valve
  • Non-volatile memory retains program data through power failures of any duration
  • Battery operation allows for Armchair Programming
  • Battery backup keeps accurate time for up to 90 days during power failure
  • Sensor hook-up with sensor bypass switch on faceplate
  • Weather-resistant, locking cabinet with heavy-duty internal transformer 
  • UL and CUL listed
  • 5-year warranty
Electrical Specifications
  • Maximum output per station: 24 V a.c., .5 amp
  • Maximum output to valves: 24 V a.c., 1.25 amps (including Master Valve)
  • Station capacity: Up to two 24 V a.c., .25 amp solenoids per station, plus Master Valve
  • Battery backup: 9-volt alkaline battery (included)
  • Outdoor
    -Transformer input: 120 V a.c., 60 Hz
    -Transformer output: 24 V a.c., 2.08 amps


  • Metal Cabinet

    -Height: 9 3/4"

    -Width: 10 3/4"

    -Depth:  5 3/4"