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   Standing as if on pointed toes and gently swaying to an unheard rhythm, the Ballerina nozzle dances for you in a mesmerizing
   private show. Similar to our Bursting Stars nozzle, the Ballerina's two-tiered display differs in that the vertical cone swirls softly
   hula-style, with an off-center tilt. Perfect for Dancing Waters displays, the Ballerina achieves its magical effect without complex
   electromechanical devices or systems.
   Beautiful by day, the effect at night when properly lit is like front row seats at the Royal Ballet. Adding to the display, the
   cascading drops give off an effect of liquid fire with colored lights, and with white lighting, a prism effect that reflects the entire
   light spectrum simultaneously. Absolutely beautiful, part of our world-renowned line of energy efficient nozzles that provide
   maximum visual impact with minimal water consumption, the Ballerina is best suited for locations sheltered from wind.

                                                         Nozzle Performance Chart: 

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 Technical description:

  • All Ballerina nozzles are water level independent types and can be located in "dry" areas.
  • The Ballerina nozzle utilizes a rotating element to create the dual cones. Filtration of the pool water is recommended.
  • Since the Ballerina nozzle discharges above the pool water level, no check valve is required in installations that have various level pools.   
  • All Ballerina nozzles are female NPT threads. Adapters are available for use in BSPPT systems.
  • Ballerina nozzles are high efficiency nozzles, and use little water to create the visual effect. As such, they should be used in locations sheltered from wind.