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Hunter.JPG (7903 octets) I-20 rotor
i-20photo1.JPG (8397 octets)

hunter_i20.JPG (3988 octets)

Application:  Click here for specs.   Performance chart

The I-20 is a heavy duty commercial grade rotor that offers easy arc adjustment right at the top of the sprinkler, a heavy duty spring with reliable retraction, and a standard water-saving drain check valve that handles up to 10 feet of elevation change plus a rack of nozzles that includes both standard and low angle nozzles, as well as the new FloStop® feature that provides the added convenience of easily stopping water flow through a single head without turning off the entire system. But, for those who still want more, be sure to consider the stainless steel option.

5 year warranty !                                                                    

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