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Keeping Water Quality Problems 
from Multiplying

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The Problem:
As the hot summer months approach, so does the battle of water management. Problems such as algae, unpleasant odours, excessive weed growth, sludge and poor water quality are a common condition of warm lakes and ponds. Some methods of water management include: dredging of ponds mechanically; treating water with chemicals or dyes; or using weed-eating fish. These methods treat only the symptoms and can be costly, ineffective and damaging to the environment.

The Cause:

During the summer season, warm surface water traps dense, colder water on the bottom of the lake or pond. This is known as stratification. Pollutants such as leaves, clippings and fertilizer sink to the bottom and decay, stripping the water of dissolved oxygen. Anaerobic bacteria, which requires no oxygen, can thrive in this environment. These bacteria can cause poisonous gases such as hydrogen sulphide, ammonia and methane to be released. As these gases rise through the water, any remaining oxygen is absorbed causing unpleasant odours, rapid algae growth and a very unpleasant environment for fish.

Brackish, anaerobic algae environment due to stratification

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The Solution:

With the Strata-vator ™ series, algae, unpleasant odors, sludge, weeds and poor water clarity due to stratification are history, without the need for chemicals, dyes or labour-intensive dredging. The Strata-vator ™ takes the colder, denser water from 36 to 40 inches below the surface and forces it into the air through an elegant fountain display that re-oxygenates and de-stratifies water layers by moving the cooler water over the top of the existing warmer layer ,breaking down and eliminating the idle stratification of oxygen-starved water. De-stratification aides the natural biodegradation of algae for clearer, healthier ponds and lakes.